Visitors at the IBSSA Headquarters January – March 2010

1. Mr. Jagos DJUROVIC (Serbia - Germany) Representative for Germany

Mr. Djurovic visited the IBSSA Headquarters in order to report about the news from Germany and brought some new people, who wish to join IBSSA. He informed the President about several planned trainings in the region and reported on their activities and work in the country.

2. Mr. Bogdan VUKOSAVLJEVIC (Slovenia) International Coordinator for FYR Country Representative for Slovenia

Mr. Vukosavljevic visited the IBSSA Head Office and had a long meeting with Prof. George POPPER – President. The main reason of the visit was to inform about the current activities, successes and developments in the Balkan region. He also informed the President about the 3rd IBSSA International Conference in the Balkan Region, which will be held between 22 – 23 May 2010 in Banja Luka.

3. Dr. Péter VÁSÁRHELYI (Hungary) Chairman of the Executive Committee
    Mr. Tamás PAUKERT (Hungary)
    Mr. Róbert BODOR (Slovakia)

The delegation reported about their trip to Albania and about the current situation of IPA – IBSSA in the country. They informed the President of IBSSA about several “old” members, who – due to non-payment of the membership fees and to proceed illegal acts – were excluded from IBSSA. New members and representatives will be selected and appointed soon in the country as well as in Montenegro. Mr. Dejan Djurovic and other members of the Interpol Office in Montenegro undertook to direct and control the activities of the IBSSA in the country. Dr. Vásárhelyi, Mr. Paukert and Mr. Bodor were appointed by the Board of Directors to Special Envoy for the Balkan Region.

4. Mr. Sasa VUJKO (Serbia) Regional Representative for Serbia

Mr. Vujko visited the IBSSA Headquarters and had a meeting with the President. The main reason of the visit was to have a serious discussion with the President of IBSSA, where they agreed that Mr. Vujko will take on the examination of all new applicants from the country in order to prevent infiltration of unsuitable people in the IBSSA.

5. Mr. Tamás MAGYAR (Cambodia) International Coordinator for South-East Asia
    Mr. Thourn SINAN (Cambodia) Executive Director of B2B Travel & Tours Co.

Mr. Magyar – Head of the Preparatory and Organising Committee of the 15th IBSSA Congress and Mr. Sinan – Operative leader of the Preparatory Committee visited the IBSSA Headquarters to discuss all necessary details, organisational cooperation, conditions and preliminary program of the Congress with Prof. George Popper – President of IBSSA. Planned date: 1 – 12 November 2010 in Phnom Penh, Cambodia The IBSSA Congress will be on the 6th November (Saturday) The Preliminary Program of the Congress with all the proposed side events can be found at our Website.

6. Mr. Norbert CSIKÁNY (Great Britain) Representative for Great Britain
    Mr. László BALOGH (Hungary)

Mr. Csikány visited the IBSSA Head Office and had a long meeting with the President. The main reason of this visit was to inform the IBSSA leadership about their successes, developments and current events in the U.K.

7. Mr. Krisztian ZERKOWITZ (Belgium) Country Representative for Belgium

Mr. Zerkowitz arrived to the IBSSA Headquarters in order to meet Prof. George POPPER – President. The main reason of his visit was to inform us about a new training seminar, which will be held in May in Hungary and in Slovakia.

31st March 2010