Report on IBSSA USA meeting with IUPA in October 2010

On the 8th of October, 2010, at 3:00 pm (EST) IBSSA-USA, in co-operation with International Union of Police Association (IUPA), and with extraordinary support and help of Mr. Rich Roberts (Director of Special Operations), and with some other professional associates, organized an other successful meeting in Sarasota, Florida. We proudly and officially announced one of our newest local affiliate (in trainings), Mr. Marty Krechman, who is the Director of all operations of Venice Airport.

We met several times, and mutually agreed with Mr. Krechman, Venice Airport (Florida) and IBSSA-USA will co-operate in all future trainings, and will provide each other with all necessary needs in quality services. Dr. Miklos Varga, as one of the prestigious members of the "Education and Qualification Department of IBSSA" stated and declared that, Venice Airport (and Mr. Krechman) will be recognized as one of IBSSA-USA's official training facility.

Besides networking, discussions were about our past, present and future standings with our goals, and our associates presented some of the newest professional technologies in connection to the field of Civilian, Security, Law Enforcement and Military industry. In present, our associates were as follows;

HOST: Mr. Rich Roberts
Executive Officer / Director of Special Operations of I.U.P.A.
Bodyguard Instructor / IBSSA-USA

*(The following participants are listed in alphabetic order)

Mr. Michael Cochran
Owner and Operator to one of the greatest local Security Firms (Atlas Protection Agency)

Mr. Bela Hartai
CEO of Human Ratio, LLC. (Diesel Fuel Technology)

Mr. Andras Huszar

Mr. Marty Krechman
Managing Director of Venice Airport Capt. Larry Leinhauser Spokesperson of Manatee County Emergency Respond Team
Bodyguard Instructor / IBSSA-USA

Mr. (Shihan) Jack Morris
Doctor of Oriental Medicine
Board of Directors Member of ABI (American Budokai International)
Owner and Operator of the Florida Karate Center (recognized as one of the "Top 20 Dojos in the Nation")

Lieutenant Colonel Attila Rabai

Intelligence Liaison Officer, working in the Coalition Intelligence Fusion Cell, NATO Coalition / CENTCOM, Tampa Florida

Mr. Tamas Torok
Co-Founder and Secretary General of IBSSA-USA
Vice-president of IBSSA-ISF (International Sport Federation)
Co-Founder and President of USA License Brokerage and Agency International, LLC.

Dr. Miklos Varga
Member of Education and Qualification Department of IBSSA International
Founder of USA License Brokerage and Agency International, LLC.

Also, an other new invention called "Speaker Search" Technology were introduced as well, where via mobile devices, the technology is recognizing (by voice) not only the person on the other side of the line, but even if the person is saying the true (or not).

Thank you for all our participants, the meeting was declared as a big success, and we looking forward to a long, quality and professional relationship with all.

Sarasota, Florida