Report on the Bodyguard training in Riga, Latvia in July 2013

The official training centre of IBSSA, the SECURITYTRAINING.LV Bodyguard School had provided full bodyguard training course for Estonian customer: company “Eesti Energia AS”. It is now a good tradition for the Bodyguard school SECURITYTRAINING.LV to have numerous cooperation with Estonian customers.

At the course in July all basic and advanced trainings were included. The theoretical lectures contained full information about bodyguard job: professional requirements, equipment and weapons, properties of different types of customers, organisation of travels, office and home protection, tactics for VIP protection, and legal knowledge. All required practical training was also organised for VIP protection.

Special attention was paid to bodyguard work without any partners (alone), because this is a specificity of bodyguard work at the company “Eesti Energia AS”.

Special tactical shooting consisted of traditional shooting to ordinary targets and also special video program using for simulation of realistic situation:


VIP's evacuation with helicopter was also part of the full bodyguard training course. It is a very interesting experience for the participants:


Action against explosives is a base element of bodyguard education in Latvia. The practical training was organised for detection of explosives in apartments and cars:


Extreme car driving with new partner was part of the training course as well at the driving school “DBS”. “DBS” is a very high qualified driving school, which organises high-level professional extreme driving trainings:

Representative of “Eesti Energia AS” showed high-professional level and received IBSSA certification of Bodyguard:

30th July 2013

Mr. Andrey Shishov
Country representative of IBSSA for Latvia