Report about the international scientific conference on Asymmetry and Strategy

The Strategic Research Institute of the Ministry of Defence of the Republic of Serbia, and the Department for Strategy of the National Defence School organised an international scientific conference titled: “Asymmetry and Strategy” on the 18th October 2017 at the Guards House in Belgrade, Serbia. The conference was carried out through three panels:

- The Concept of Asymmetric Threats

- Strategic Context of Contemporary Asymmetrical Threats

- Relevance of Classical Strategic Thought

The event was officially opened by the Director of the Strategic Research Institute, the Head of the National Defence School and the Serbian Defence Minister.

In addition to the representatives of many countries and universities, Prof. George Popper – President of the IBSSA was also invited to this international scientific conference. The President was the first speaker opening the debate and the event. He highlighted the importance of cooperation on international and national levels.

President of the Executive Committee of the Professional Association of the Security Sector (Strukovno Udruženje Sektora Bezbednosti – SUSB) and Director of the SUSB Partner Organisation – Centre for Security, Investigation and Defence – DBA Mr. Stevan Đokić welcomed all friends and associates from abroad, internationally recognized members of the private security sector and active participants in other spheres of social life.

The meeting was also attended by SUSB President, Mr. Dejan Milutinovic. In an informal and very pleasant atmosphere, many constructive and good ideas were exchanged, on which there will be good opportunity to work with the highest level of responsibility to mutual satisfaction and mutual interest.

On this occasion, a strategic partnership was also agreed with Mr. Zeljko Gajic – member of IBSSA, Bureau Chief of IBSSA – AHTP (Anti-Human Trafficking Project) in Serbia – in the sphere of private security sector, with a focus on combating human trafficking, which is the predominant sphere of interest of IBSSA and with which SUSB will continue to work together. Special gratitude and proven trust in the granted status to the first Ambassador of SUSB – Mr. Zoran Vitorovic from Switzerland, who is most responsible for this kind of meeting and partnership.

Beside the IBSSA President – Prof. George Popper, other representatives of the IBSSA “International Anti-Human Trafficking Project” were also present at the conference:

• Mr. Zoran Vitorovic – President of the Swiss Morning Star Association

• Mr. Orlando Mardner – director and founder of Professional Security Academy (PSA)

• Mr. Parvis Hanson – East-West Bridge, Interpol Advisor and Senior Adviser to the United Nations

• Mr. Stephan Breu – East-West Bridge, Swiss Centre for International Humanitarian Law and International Pestalozzi Society

• Mr. Željko Gajić – IBSSA, AHTB Serbia

During the conference break at a meeting with the leaders of the Belgrade National Defence School it was suggested to establish cooperation between IBSSA and the University in the fields of education and human trafficking. We are planning to sign this cooperation agreement in the near future!

The conference was also a great occasion to grant recognitions and membership documents of the SUSB and the Centre “DBA” to the respected friends from abroad. SUSB President, Mr. Dejan Milutinovic and Mr. Stevan Djokic, Director of the Center “DBA” handed over the certificates.

The following people were nominated as new ambassadors of SUSB:

• Prof. George Popper

• Zoran Vitorovic

• Stephan Breu

• Orlando Mardner

Congratulations to the organising committee for the great event, as well as for everyone, who received any awards and honours!


6th November 2017


Report about the IBSSA Balkan and European Special Conference on Education, Human Trafficking and Terrorism

The European Centre for Peace and Development (ECPD) in Belgrade, Serbia is the sole University, which was established by a UN resolution, and has extraterritorial diplomatic status – recognised worldwide. Dr. Bogdan Vukosavljevic, member of the IBSSA Executive Committee, Docent of the Field Security and Terrorism at the University, hosted the meeting in this prestigious Institute. Participants of the Conference: Prof. dr. Ljubiša Adamović Prof. dr. George Popper IBSSA (Hungary) H.E. Prof. dr. Djordje Lopčić ECPD Mr. Miklos Andrási IBSSA (Hungary) Mr Boris Vukosavljević SEBA (Slovenia) Mr. Attila Farkas SEBA (Hungary) Mr. Orlando Mardner IBSSA, SEBA (UK / Jamaica) Mr. Igor Bralo IBSSA, SEBA (Holland) Mr. Zijad Poljo IBSSA (Germany) Mr. Dalibor Višić IBSSA (Germany) Mr. Zoran Stanišljević SEBA (Bosnia-Herzegovina) Mr. Ilias Kontis IBSSA, SEBA (Greece) Dr. Bogdan Vukosavljević IBSSA, SEBA (Serbia) Mr. Rade Marković IBSSA (Serbia) Mr. Zeljko Gajic IBSSA (Serbia) Mr. Strahinja Lazarevic (Serbia) Mr. Vojislav Milošević (Serbia) Prof. Dr. Vladimir Jorga (Serbia) – President of the European Traditional Karate Federation

Report about the EPS Certification by IBSSA Mexico

Executive Protection is perceived very exciting, not for the faint hearted, full of thrills and all the action one would expect from a Tom Cruise movie, but nothing could be further from the truth, since it is demanded of EPs to be at the job 120% (they’re there before the principal, and leave after he has left), long hours and very little shut-eye, did we mention a very high risk environment? EPs are all that stand between threats and their principal most of the time.

The lack of a standard in the industry has led to a very poor image of EPs, and the proliferation of Mikey Mouse (Rambo) companies that promise to have Super Men at the service of their protected, which turn out to be nothing more than a great show.

Report about the Community Outreach Program of IBSSA Anti-Human Trafficking Project

Members of the IBSSA Anti-Human Trafficking Project (AHTP), under the direction of Mr. Fernando Figueroa – Bureau Chief in the Dominican Republic, conduct a community outreach program in the village of Batey La Canada, a suburb of Santo Domingo in the Dominican Republic.