C - N.I.S. - Center for Narcotics Information Support


C - N.I.S. - Center for Narcotics
Information Support

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Individuals registered by C - N.I.S.
- Center for Narcotics Information Support

  • Dr. Miklós VARGA

Center for Narcotics
Information Support "C - NIS"

The primary objective of the organization is participation in the fight
against drugs - the reduction of drug crimes and drug abuse. The organization
is responsible for aiding law enforcement agencies (anti - drug units
and drug prevention organizations) with information support, assisting
these organizations efficiency and providing updated information to the
appropriate agency. The organization work includes the provision assistance
to drug prevention, research and development in these areas, training
and academic assistance, as well as implementation of methodology and
drug strategies. The manufacture of materials affiliated to these objectives
is also part of the organizations objectives. Some of the materials needed
to achieve our goals are designed, created and/or assembled by C - NIS.
This gives us an upper hand in the time line aspect of our projects,
while creating potential revenue to achieve our objectives. Further,
the execution of duties in the field of air-travel safety and security
awareness, as it relates to specific areas of interest.