World Anticriminal and Antiterrorist Forum (WAAF)

WAAF - World Anticriminal and Antiterrorist


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Individuals registered by WAAF - World
Anticriminal and Antiterrorist Forum

  • Dr. Oleg E. PAVLOV

World Anticriminal
and Antiterrorist Forum "WAAF"

The World Anticriminal and Antiterrorist Forum (WAAF) is planned as
an international nongovernment organization. The purpose of the Forum
is to create an international grouping of anticrime and antiterrorist
forces. Under the auspices of the WAAF, people in power, law enforcers,
scientists and scholars, businesspeople, financiers and journalists will
join their effort and professional possibilities for combating the expanding

Main activities of the Forum shall be as follows

  • To forecast the development of the criminal situation worldwide and
    assess the threat and scale of organised crime and terrorism at national
    and international levels
  • To elaborate counteraction strategies and tactics to be employed
    at national, regional and international levels in combating organised
    crime and terrorism, particularly with respect to
    • acts of terrorism
    • kidnapping and hostage taking
    • financial fraud
    • money laundering
    • illegal trafficking in narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances
    • illegal trafficking in weapons, nuclear materials and radioactive
    • illegal trafficking in cultural values
    • high-tech crimes
    • corruption
    • illegal migration
    • sexual abuse of children, child pornography and prostitution
    • and other types of organised crime.

The Forum shall provide consultations to interested individuals and
organisations on how to carry out anticrime programs and projects. The
Forum shall analyse and summarise available information, conduct research
studies and surveys, hold conferences and workshops on issues related
to organised crime and terrorism.

The Forums ultimate goal is to build a premise for national and international
crime-combating strategies and to work out a practical program for counteracting
transnational crime.

After 3 and a half years of preparatory work the registration of WAAF
took place on 14th February 2002 in Berlin, Germany. Also, the Board
was elected and is comprised of

  • Anatoly S. KULIKOV - Chairman of the Board of the WAAF (Chairman
    of the Subcommittee on Combating Terrorism and Transnational Crime
    of the Committee on Security of the State Duma of the Russian Federation)
  • Rupert SCHOLZ - Deputy Chairman of the Board (Chairman of the Committee
    on Legal Issues, Bundestag, GER)
  • Thomas A. KELLEY - Deputy Chairman of the Board (Vice President of
    Global Options LLC, USA)
  • Andrejs VILKS - Member of the Board (Dr. of Law, Director of the
    Criminological Research Center of the Ministry of Justice of Latvia,
    and Chairman of the Committee on Security, Riga Municipal Council,
  • Patrick BRUNOT - Member of the Board (Dr. of Law, Attorney-at-Law,
    Paris Court of Appeal, and President of France-Russia 2000 Society,
  • Kirill A. TROPOV - Deputy Director General for International Relations,
    National Anticriminal and Antiterrorist Foundation of Russia, was appointed
    Executive Secretary of WAAF