Report on the X. SEC-tember IBSSA International Special Security Training Seminar September 19-24, 2011

„Never think you've seen the last of anything.” (Eudora Welty)

Budapest and in accordance with tradition – the Adyliget Law Enforcement College (host of the SEC-tember trainings) – seemed to be extremely blessed with a patch of blue skies, sunshine, nice and warm during the X. SEC-tember event of the IBSSA. So far the best and the most successful professional event of IBSSA took place between 19 – 24 September 2011!
Already when looking through the applications it was clear that the group – arriving in Budapest for the traditional September event – would be a special one. Many of the applicants are themselves instructors in their home countries, yet still they felt it was important to participate as students in the international training in order to improve their knowledge through various professional trainings and to broaden their horizons. In a mix of languages – only professionals in the business understand – hands were shaken and smiles exchanged as the security experts arrived from different parts of the world to participate at the 10th IBSSA International Special Security Advanced Training. The security professionals were back in order to finish something they started years ago, while newbies gathered around and listened to the stories, preparing themselves for the unknown.


As the training approached, the excitement of the participants became more and more palpable, and quite a bit of happiness was also exhibited at the meeting of past SEC-tember attendees. Meanwhile there was a bit of excitement in the air associated with the secretiveness of the details of the upcoming training. As Chairman of the Organising Committee for the 10th time, Miss Erika MACSÁRI – General Secretary of the Central Administration Office of IBSSA, took her usual place at the SEC-tember event.

40 students (mostly IBSSA members) from 11 countries attended the training course and the number of foreign participants was outstanding, again! The following nationalities were among the International audience: American, Belgian, Croatian, Dutch, Latvian, Romanian, Slovak, Slovenian, Swedish and Swiss. Not to forget the hosts, the Hungarians. All different nationalities, but only one language that of the professional bodyguard.

Of course, the names of the Master Teachers and Instructors (all experts in their fields, ready to teach, make people better, stronger and ready for the yet unknown) were a guarantee for the expected high quality training, as the beginners and advanced level participants could learn by close observation from such internationally recognized masters, as:

  • Mr. Karl DELAGUERRA (USA) – PPS, CLSS – International Bodyguard, ex-SWAT, Master Teacher of VIP Protection
  • Mr. Zsolt PIPICZ (Hungary) – Instructor of Executive Protection, professional VIP protection trainer, who prepared and conducted the practical training for all the teams
  • Mr. Attila KŐVÁGÓ police ensign / 2nd lieutenant (Hungary) – Police Shooting instructor of the Csongrád County Police
  • Mr. Gyula SIRA (Hungary) – Senior Instructor of Combat Shooting
  • Mr. István MACSÁRI police major (Hungary) – Aviation Security expert and instructor – Police Department / Airport Police Board, who held professional lectures on aviation security / with special regard to the legal regulations while on Executive Protection mission
  • Mr. Marc LANDMEIER (Netherlands) – Instructor of Security and Protection Sciences, Assistant Instructor of Self Defence, former Dutch Royal Marine
  • Mr. Attila KOTLÁR (Hungary) – Assistant Instructor of Escorting, trainer of security self-defence
  • Mr. András STEFÁN (UK) – Master Teacher of Diving and First Aid, who introduced the secrets of first aid to the participants
  • Mr. Zoltán CHIKÁN (Hungary) – retired explosives technician, Instructor of Bomb-disposal techniques and explosive devices
  • Dr. Rony KLUGER (Israel) – master of Krav-Maga, Chairman of the EQ Department of IBSSA

On the 19th September during the official opening ceremony the President of IBSSA, Prof. George POPPER welcomed the training participants, introduced the international teaching staff, and then specially welcomed our honorary guests, patrons and partners:

  • Dr. Ildikó KINCSES police brigadier-general, the head of the Chief Security Department of the National Police Headquarters was present as representative of Dr. József HATALA police lieutenant-general, Chief Commissioner of the Hungarian Police, Main Patron
  • Dr. Valér DÁNOS – ret. police brigadier-general, Director of Law Enforcement Executive Training Institute of the Ministry of the Interior, our host since 2003
  • Prof. Dr. István SÁRKÁNY ret. police major-general, Rector of the Police Academy, Patron of the X. SEC-tember
  • Dr. István FODROS, Director – Editor in Chief of HEKUS Magazine and Diplomatic Magazine, Media Partner of the X. SEC-tember
  • HMEH Prince José COSMELLI (Portugal) – President of FEMERAID International and Grand Master of the Sovereign Order of Saint John of Jerusalem, Knights of Malta, Federation of the Autonomous Priories (KMFAP), Honorary guest

The IBSSA President explained that the training could not have taken place without the selfless support of some active IBSSA members, nor the assistance of the Law Enforcement Executive Training Institute of the Ministry of the Interior, and the Adyliget Law Enforcement College, that have been in close cooperation with IBSSA for many years now!

During the opening ceremony Dr. Valér DÁNOS – ret. police brigadier-general, Director of Law Enforcement Executive Training Institute of the Ministry of the Interior, stressed out that IBSSA, under the expert leadership of Prof. George POPPER - President, is evolving every year more and more towards an expert organization, where professionals worldwide are proud to teach and to learn. Finishing the speech Dr. Dános officially opened the 10th SEC-tember training seminar and expressed his best wishes to everyone for a successful educational week!

The organizers set-up such a special program this year for the purpose of ensuring the highest education for the experts working in security that – besides the overall executive protection, risk analysis, escorting techniques, IED, practical shooting, first aid, protocol and security self-defence – they placed emphasis on live practices for security assignment as well as on aviation security with its legal aspects while carrying out executive protection mission – travelling abroad. Trade secrets were also exchanged during the daily 8-hour sessions and also during the social hours.


The Master Teachers were specially motivated by the high level of students, in which for example the Latvian Presidential Guard, or high-ranking police officers from the USA and Hungary were represented.

Moreover members of the professional team, the “D” group – who are regular participants of the advanced training seminar and who hold several special examinations and have a lot of work experience – received a special task: stepping-out of the box of theoretical education, and besides the short classroom scenario they were sent to the field. Throughout a day, the team had to escort a VIP, who could have been assaulted any time, could have been attacked, furthermore even an assassination attempt could have been carried-out against her. The advanced team that participated in the training included 8 professional members, Hungarian, Romanian, Slovakian and Slovenian experts. They had to work-out the half day’s program’s defence plan and they were the team who escorted the protected person throughout the pre set-up programs. It was magnificent to see how an international team of professionals think, move and work together!

The Shooting Instructors of the 10th SEC-tember decided to organise – out of honour and respect – the first “Ret. Police colonel István MACSÁRI” Memorial Shooting Championships, which took place on Friday, the 23rd of September.

Mr. István MACSÁRI – ret. police colonel, who was the Deputy Director of the Law Enforcement Executive Training Institute of the Ministry of the Interior, and also Patronising Member of the IBSSA since its establishment (always supporting and assisting our SEC-tember trainings and other IBSSA events), passed away unexpectedly on the 23rd October 2010, at the age of 61. With this Shooting Cup the instructors, colleagues and friends wished to commemorate his admirable personalty, his professional calling and expertise, and also his privileged friendship and brotherliness.

Results of the “Ret. Police colonel István MACSÁRI” Memorial Shooting Championships:

SENIOR Category

  • 1st place: Mr. József BALOGH (Hungary)
  • 2nd place: Mr. Ladislav HÁZIK (Slovakia)
  • 3rd place: Mr. Kilian Arnold YAO (Switzerland)

JUNIOR Category

  • 1st place: Mr. Stanlin FLORENCIA (Netherlands)
  • 2nd place: Mr. Tim WILLEKES (Netherlands)
  • 3rd place: Mr. Pierre NAESS (Sweden)

The Hungarian ECHO TV shot in connection with the Memorial Shooting Championships and also interviewed numerous participants and teachers of the 10th SEC-tember about the training itself. The broadcast can be on view by clicking on the following link:

The SEC-tember training seminar allows for individual members of IBSSA, who are senior candidates to evolve as well. On Friday afternoon (23rd September) numerous students had the opportunity to test themselves, their knowledge and skills to achieve a professional IBSSA qualification and recognition in their specialization. Challenging and mostly a moment of realization during the instructor exams in front of the expert jury – the members of the IBSSA Education and Qualification Department.

The list of those who passed the exams, as well as of the instructors who received higher qualification:

  • Mr. David M. FRIZZELL (USA) Instructor of Self Defence
  • Mr. Oskars KALVE (Latvia) Instructor of Shooting
  • Mr. Egils TISANOVS (Latvia) Instructor of Close Protection
  • Mr. Marc LANDMEIER (Netherlands) Teacher of Self Defence
  • Mr. Zsolt PIPICZ (Hungary) Teacher of Close Protection
  • Mr. Karl DELAGUERRA (USA) Master Teacher of Shooting
  • Mr. Gyula SIRA (Hungary) Master Teacher of Shooting
  • Mr. Attila KŐVÁGÓ (Hungary) Master Teacher of Shooting

On the 24th September all the hard effort of both students and teachers were brought to an end during the official closing reception, the Saturday gala banquet at the Petneházy Country Club with the formal diploma award ceremony.

First Prof. George POPPER – President of IBSSA and Dr. Rony KLUGER (ISR) – General Secretary of IBSSA handed over the IBSSA Certificates of Participation to all the attendees of the training course. Then the President of IBSSA announced the next program – the Award Ceremony, when according to SEC-tember tradition people with exceptional skills or demonstrated expertise are remunerated with the official IBSSA awards of the training. Prof. George POPPER handed over the certificates to the best participants and winners with the assistance of Mr. Karl DELAGUERRA, Dr. Valér DÁNOS and Mr. Mihály VARGA.

The „BESTS” of the X. SEC-tember international special training, who received acknowledgement:

  • BEST CLOSE PROTECTION OFFICER of X. SEC-tember: Mr. Attila SIMON (Hungary)
  • BEST SHOOTER of X. SEC-tember: Mr. Róbert ANDRÁS (Romania)
  • BEST STUDENT ON BOMB DISPOSAL of X. SEC-tember: Mr. Ramon TEKTAS (Belgium)
  • BEST FIGHTER of X. SEC-tember: Mr. Davy LOETE (Belgium)
  • „MOST DILIGENT STUDENT” of X. SEC-tember: Mr. Nick BEEKMAN (Netherlands)

The event was graced with the presence of Dr. Valér DÁNOS ret. police brigadier-general, Director of Law Enforcement Executive Training Institute of the Ministry of the Interior, Mr. Ernő KRAUZER police lieutenant-colonel, Police Senior Adviser, Police Trade Group Leader at the Adyliget Law Enforcement College, and Mr. Mihály VARGA police lieutenant-colonel, Head of Human Administration Service of the Csongrád County Police Department, who all received the IBSSA plaque – expressing our thanks for their support and kind assistance.

Special acknowledgements and honourable mention to the members of the Organising Committee for their unselfish and sacrificial work that played a big role in the successful organization of the 10th Anniversary program!

Also, the Organising Committee of the SEC-tember would like to express its thanks to all the Instructors and Master Teachers for the professional assistance, that contributed much to the success of this special event! Our gratitude and appreciation for the regular supporters and continuous sponsors of the SEC-tember event:

  • Mr. László Tímár – „PAJZS” Technology Ltd, IBSSA Head of Vehicle Protection Department
  • Mr. Csaba Kertész – General Manager of „PowerShield” Ltd, IBSSA Chairman of Hungarian Section
  • Mr. Gyula Sira and Mr. János Hülber – General Managers of Hűség 2000 Ltd., IBSSA members
  • Dr. Ádám Schuman – Director of „Laborexpert” Ltd, IBSSA member
  • Dr. György Lasz – Director of „IN-KAL” Company Group, IBSSA member
  • Dr. Péter Vásárhelyi – Director of „RAV” Industrial Development, Service Provider and Security Technology privately held company, IBSSA member
  • Mr. Jenő Benkő – Director of „RadioRent” Ltd, IBSSA member

The SEC-tember event proved once more to be a much-needed and highly expected yearly seminar, already now, people are preparing for next year!

We are looking forward to seeing you all and your colleagues in 2012 at the exciting 11th SEC-tember training.

10th October 2011