IBSSA training for the SWAT unit of the York County Sheriff's Office – South Carolina / USA

On the 6th February 2012 Mr. Attila KUTAS – International Coordinator of IBSSA for Florida / USA visited to York, South Carolina and attended the training seminar of the “International Protective Services Institute” (IPSI) - one of the official training centres of IBSSA in the USA. The special training was organised for the SWAT team of the York County Sheriff's Office at its Law Enforcement Training Centre and held by Mr. Karl DelaGuerra – Founder and President of IPSI, Master Teacher of IBSSA.

We are glad to report again about an excellent and successful initiative, how law enforcement agencies can work together with the civil security companies, and how they can help out each other in everyday professional work as well.

Among the team members we can find people, who have been working there for 10 years now, and the youngest member of the team joined a month ago.

The motto of the training: „Protection Operation in Hotels & Resort”, and within this syllabus the processing of the material, and also its integration into practice occurred. The full-day training consisted of theoretical and practical tasks. Theoretical education was in the morning, and the practical training began in the afternoon, all in the hall as well as in the courtyard of the Training Centre.

The SWAT units of numerous Sheriff's Office have a keen interest for such trainings based on international experience. While studying they can get acquainted with the structure of civil security companies and the practical application of their technical equipment.

In view of the great interest the number of similar trainings increase – more and more events will be held, where of course IBSSA can participate and give news about.

10th February 2012