Report on closer cooperation in CPO training between IBSSA, TCCS and PSA-Academy

As initiated and requested by IBSSA, representatives of the IBSSA, the TCCS (Tactical Close Combat Training System) and the PSA-Academy (International Protective and Security Academy) had a major discussion on the 15th February 2012. The purpose of the meeting was to discuss the results of past professional cooperation and the further possibilities, even closer collaboration between these entities in several areas.

As the result of this 3-hour long discussion, decision and verbal agreement was concluded regarding the education and classification of CPOs at IBSSA, which will also be confirmed in writing later. One of the major points of this agreement is that the basic training programme and examination of CPOs at IBSSA from now on shall take place incorporating the Bodyguard Training Program of TCCS, as this program is recognised to be up to date, suiting the customers’ needs at the highest level, and internationally approved. The training programme is of course supplemented by IBSSA with the professional and legal specialities of the different countries.

The participants of such courses will receive official IBSSA certificate about the training, in addition the issued diplomas and certificates of the PSA-Academy are licences – accredited in many countries worldwide and suitable also for employment.

Regarding Hungary the Parties have agreed that PSA-HUNGARY, being the Hungarian representative of the British-headquartered PSA-Academy, using the same training system, from now on shall operate as one of the official training centres of IBSSA. The management of TCCS and PSA-Academy has asked and appointed Mr. Zsolt PIPICZ – IBSSA Teacher of VIP Protection and representative of our association on this meeting – to be the exclusive contact person between the organisations, to supervise this professional cooperation, and also to participate in the education.

This agreement between the organizations might serve as the beginning of a longer, more substantial and successful cooperation and also it is a big step in the direction to improve the quality of the CPO training in the future.

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9th March 2012