Report on the “Western Party” of the Florida Crime Victim Service

On the 10th March 2012 – upon invitation of the Florida Crime Victim Service – Mr. Attila KUTAS, International Coordinator of IBSSA for Florida / USA participated at a “Western Party”, which took place at the Ron Bergeron Ranch, in South Florida.

The following organisations attended this significant charity event:

  • Florida Crime Victim Service
  • Broward County Sheriff’s Office
  • Broward County Sheriff’s Office Swat Team
  • IBSSA – USA for Florida
  • IPA Germany
  • Big 105,9 Radio

During the charity event awards were given for outstanding community efforts to the following people:

              • Sheriff Al Lamberti
              • Chief John Brooks
              • Chief Neil DeJusus
              • Mrs Dowe
              • Tony Ortega

Main topic of this event was the importance of civil society organizations in the work of police and law enforcement agencies, as well as giving assistance to crime victims.

At the end of the event there was a charity raffle – with a number of valuable prizes – from which $ 50,000 came in for the benefit of the Florida Crime Victim Services.

Congratulations to Mr. Steven Greenberger – President, and Mr. Alan Winter – Vice-President of the Florida Crime Victim Services for the successful event of high standard.

2nd April 2012