News from IBSSA – USA in May 2012

On the 5th May 2012 the “South East Motorcycle Police Rodeo & Safety Expo” was held at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino. IBSSA and the PSA Academy was also invited to this significant event.

During the expo the technical and vehicle fleet – related to all Law Enforcement units – was exhibited. Motor units were represented at this safety expo, as well as highway interceptor units (trapping technique), SWAT units, border guard units, mobile water units, air units, K9 units, special fire brigades, military troops, FBI, and ATF.

During the event team and individual skill competition was organised between the different motor forces, who arrived from all over Florida.

The SWAT teams demonstrated their knowledge and various solutions to the same tasks to be solved. The K9 units demonstrated how they reach the set goal with the use of technology, and how long it will take to solve the task.

The HCV mobile device was introduced, which can be deployed anywhere for the cargo inspection of trucks without opening the storage.

The mobile device X-rays and the computer processes the data and the monitor creates a 3D picture of what contains the cargo space freighter.

The Broward County Sheriff's Office introduced how a face can be created – by the statement of eye-witnesses – and placed on the watch list as a photograph, so that the “warrant of apprehension” would be as accurate as possible.

Again, a very good and fruitful event that law enforcement agencies complement each other in order to solve the tasks.


Participants at the event:
- Mimia Gardens Police
- Seminole Police
- Fort Lauderdale Police
- Coral Springs Police
- Boca Raton Police
- Sunrise Police - Coconut Creek Police
- Broward Scools Police
 - Sunrise Police SWAT Team
- Fort Lauderdale Police SWAT Team
- Broward County Sheriff Office SWAT Team
 - FBI SWAT Team
- Broward County Sheriff Office
- Palm Beach County Sheriff Office
- Sarasota County Sheriff Office
 - U.S. Coast Guard
- U.S. Department of Homeland Security HCV Mobile Team
- Florida State Trooper Team
- U.S. Department of Justice ATF Explosive and Fire Investigation
- FBI Miami Office
- U.S. Army
- Seminole Tribe Fire Rescue Team
- Seminole Tribe Emergency Communication Team
- Broward County Sheriff Office Fire Rescue
Mr. Attila T. Kutas
International Coordinator of IBSSA for Florida / USA