BOLAT - Security Ltd.


BOLAT - Security Ltd.








Individuals registered by BOLAT -
Security Ltd.

  • Mr. Nickolay SARAPIN
  • Mr. Alexey SAMOILOV
  • Mr. Valery KOZLOV
  • Mr. Serik YESTYBAEV
  • Mr. Kayrat KURMANOV
  • Mr. Konstantin SEVOSTYANOV
  • Mr. Dmitriy YAKUNIN
  • Mr. Vladimir GAYDENKO
  • Mr. Konstantin UDALOV
  • Mr. Yakov EYUBOV
  • Mr. Daniyar YESIRKENOV
  • Mr. Andrey BOGACHIOV
  • Mr. Alexander Alexandrovich LARIN
  • Mr. Vitaliy Viktorovich KEMENYASH
  • Mr. Alexander Vladimirovich ANIPKIN
  • Mr. Ruslan Madievich ANAYATOV
  • Mr. Vladimir Alexeevich GUSAROV
  • Mr. Gabit Kulanovich AYMANOV
  • Mr. Roman Nikolaevich LUKIN
  • Mr. Ctanislav Valerevich LAPIN
  • Mr. Roman Olegovich SADYKOV
  • Mr. Yriy Viktorovich SHUBIN

The Security Service "Bolat Security" Ltd.
since the February 1999 is the only security company in Kazakhstan, which
is in the World Catalogue of the Security Companies. The Company performs
the protection and security of the objects by the mobile guard groups,
using the guard dogs (each branch of the Company has its dog nursery).
The structures of the "Bolat Security" Ltd. on the places are
completed by the professional, well - equipped staff, supplied with all
necessary quantity of the auto transport, armament, and communication
equipment. The patrol dogs are widely used during the actions. The Companys
staff periodically takes the vocational training courses according to
the performing functions. All the staff has the diploma of the special
courses for the security personnel, is well armoured and supplied with
the special equipment.

"Bolat Security" Ltd. offers the following security services

  • Security of the safety for the physical and juridical persons
    • 24 hours bodyguard service
    • Time-work bodyguard service

  • Security of the safety for the group of people during the public
    actions, tourist actions, cruises, etc.
  • Physical and juridical people’s assets protection
    • Protection of the offices, apartments and the private cottages
    • Protection of the storehouses and the private territories

  • Secure and maintain the public order during the public and private
    actions and celebrations
  • Transport security
    • Security of the cargo safety
    • Convoying and security of the vehicles
    • The secured objects supervision and the territorial control

  • Security service of the objects provided by the mobile guard groups
    (movable guard group equipped with the transport, radio stations, armament
    and the special equipment), also with the usage of the patrol dogs

Additional services

  • Consulting, training, recommendations on the methods of security
    and protection from the unlawful actions
  • Assistance in the staff selection for the objects security maintenance
  • Assistance in the fire fighting and during the nature disasters

The Security Service "Bolat Security" Ltd. provides the security
service for the objects of the "Kaztransgas" (Intergas Central
Asia) Joint Stock Company in the following areas: Uralsk, Atyrau, Mangistau,
Aktyubinsk, Kostanaisk, South-Kazakhstan, Djambul, Akmolinsk and Astana
city, Almaty.

The Security Service "Bolat Security" Ltd. is the permanent
sponsor in the security service for maintaining the public order and
private security during the International Festival "the Voice of
Asia", international Boxing tournament among the professionals,
Olympic selection tournament in football where the best recommendations
can be given by the Akimat of the Almaty city.