Security and Bank Services - SBS Ltd.


Security and Bank Services - SBS Ltd.


BL. 70, ENTR.B, APP. 49.

1408 SOFIA




Individuals registered by Security
and Bank Services - SBS Ltd.

  • Mr. Angel Iliev NIKOLOV
  • Mr. Stefan Nikolov KOLEV
  • Mr. Hristo Dimitrov GACOV
  • Mr. Ivan Konstantinov STOILCHEV
  • Mr. Stefko Konstantinov VELICHKOV
  • Mr. Jordan Iliev ILIEV
  • Mr. Nikola Jordanov DINEV
  • Mr. Veliko Todorov VELIKOV
  • Mr. Ilko Penev VELICHKOV
  • Mr. Petio Genkov GEORGIEV
  • Mr. Zahari Lubenov PETROV

The company "Security and Bank Service
- SBS Ltd." is specialised for properties security guard of physical
and legal persons. PERSONAL SECURITY of physical persons; TRANSPORT OF
FINANCIAL MEANS AND VALUABLES by armoured cars and equipped teams; installation
and usage of SIGNALLING - ANNOUNCING TECHNIQUE; specific consulting;
expert and administrative-legal services. An independent department is
created at the company: ANTI-FIRE AND EMERGENCY SAFETY.