Report on the VIII. SEC-tember IBSSA International Special Security Training Seminar

« A learning curve comes to an end, things are just starting »

Budapest and the Adyliget Law Enforcement College seemed to be blessed with a patch of blue skies during the VIII. SEC-tember event of the IBSSA, starting as of the 8th to the 12th September. In a mix of languages – only professionals in the business understand – hands were shaken and smiles exchanged.

The security professionals were back in order to finish something they started 4 years ago. Newbies gathered around and listened to the stories, preparing themselves for the unkown.

The following nationalities were among the International audience: Dutch, Belgian, Greek, Swiss, Romanian, Cambodian, Italian, Swedish, Latvian, Slovak, Slovenian and Syrian. Not to forget the hosts, the Hungarians. All different nationalities, but only one language that of the professional bodyguard. The Master Teacher / Instructor corps was just as impressive, consisting of a former SAS-operative from Scotland – Mr. Eddie STONE, a Police chief from Singapore – Mr. Stephen CHEE, a former SWAT from the USA – Mr. Karl DELAGUERRA, a Slovakian Shooting expert - Mr. Stefan ÁCS, Belgian Military – Mr. Eric DUYSHAVER and Mr. Jean-Pierre HAMERLINCK, Hungarian Bomb Squad – Mr. Lajos TURAI, and a former Dutch Royal Marine – Mr. Marc LANDMEIER. And this year's special guest speaker was: Ms. Krisztina SZLOBODNYIK - editor, reporter of RTL KLUB TV station.

All experts in their fields, ready to teach, make people better, stronger and ready for the yet unknown. 

This year, techniques acquired during past SEC-tember events were brought together in what accumulated into a total package of embus, debus, foot work, medical expertise and the special, little known skills of a close protection operative. Trade secrets were exchanged during the class and during the social hours. Handling the media, using uncoventional weapons and the safety within the motorvehicle scene were just some of the skills touched this year.

The Master Teachers were specially motivated by the high level of students, in which for example the Latvian Presidential Guard was represented. During the opening ceremony Dr. Valér DÁNOS – ret. police brigadier-general, Director of Law Enforcement and Crime Prevention Institute of the Ministry of Justice and Law Enforcement, stressed out that the IBSSA, under the expert leadership of Prof. George POPPER - President, is evolving every year more and more towards an expert organization, where professionals worldwide are proud to teach and to learn.

The SEC-tember training seminar allows for individual members to evolve as well. On Friday (11th September), the students had the opportunity to test themselves, their knowledge and skills to achieve a professional IBSSA recognition in their specialization. Challenging and mostly a moment of realization. The following certifications were awarded by the expert jury, the Education and Qualification Department:

  • Mr. Ladislav HÁZIK (Slovakia) Senior Instr. of VIP Protection and Transportation
  • Mr. Zsolt PIPICZ (Hungary) Instructor of VIP Protection
  • Mr. Krisztian ZERKOWITZ (Belgium) Instructor of VIP Protection
  • Mr. Tamás SPONGA (Switzerland) Instructor of Self Defence
  • Mr. Marc LANDMEIER (Netherlands) Instructor of Security and Protection Sciences 
  • Mr. Gergely MÁRKUS (Hungary) Assistant Instructor of VIP Protection
  • Mr. Martin SCHMID (Netherlands) Assistant Instructor of VIP Protection
  • Mr. Eugen BALOG (Slovakia) Assistant Instructor of Shooting
  • Mr. Brent N. CANN (USA) Assistant Instructor of Shooting
  • Mr. Artis BRUNS (Latvia) Assistant Instructor of Shooting
  • Mr. Martin SCHMID (Netherlands) Bodyguard – Advanced
  • Mr. Elmars POPAKULS (Latvia) Bodyguard – Advanced
  • Mr. Jurgis PAVLOVSKIS (Latvia) Bodyguard – Advanced
  • Mr. József BALOGH (Hungary) Bodyguard – Advanced
  • Mr. Gergely MÁRKUS (Hungary) Bodyguard – Basic
  • Mr. Attila NAGY (Hungary) Bodyguard – Basic
  • Mr. Imre GRÜNFELD (Hungary) Bodyguard – Basic
  • Mr. Tamás SPONGA (Switzerland) Bodyguard – Basic
  • Mr. Elmar PERROULAZ (Switzerland) Basic Escorting

All the hard effort of both students and teachers were brought to an end during the Saturday banquet dinner at the Petneházy Huszárcsárda, where Prof. George Popper had the honour to introduce the presence of Shihan Joseph POLYÁK, Honorary Founding Member of the IBSSA.

According to SEC-tember tradition, people with exceptional skills or demonstrated expertise were also awarded with the following official IBSSA awards of the training:

  • VIII. SEC-tember BEST BODYGUARD Mr. Elmars POPAKULS (Latvia)
  • VIII. SEC-tember BEST SHOOTER Mr. Eugen BALOG (Slovakia)
  • VIII. SEC-tember BEST FIGHTER Mr. Róbert ANDRÁS (Romania)
  • VIII. SEC-tember BEST BOMB TECHNICIAN Mr. Attila NAGY (Hungary) 

Also, the Organising Committee of the SEC-tember would like to express its thanks to the Instructors, Teachers and helpers for the professional assistance, who contributed much to the success of this event:

  • Mr. Zsolt Pipicz – Hungary
  • Mr. Krisztian Zerkowitz – Belgium
  • Mr. Attila Kővágó – Hungary
  • Mr. Oliver Rózsa – USA
  • Mr. Frank Philipoom – Netherlands
  • Mr. Attila Kotlár – Hungary
  • Mr. Zsolt Keresztesi – Hungary
  • Mr. Gyula Sira – Hungary
  • Mr. János Hülber – Austria
  • Mr. Brent N. Cann – USA
Our special thanks and appreciation for the following continuous sponsors of the event:

ALEX Co. – Belgium
Dr. Schuman Ádám – Laborexpert Ltd., Director, IBSSA member
Dr. Vásárhelyi Péter – RAV Zrt., Director, IBSSA member
Dr. Lasz György – IN-KAL Co., Director, IBSSA member

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Adyliget Law Enforcement College
PowerShield Ltd.

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20th October 2009