Congratulations "IBSSA Belgium" - 14th December 2009

Congratulations "IBSSA Belgium"

Mr. Krisztian ZERKOWITZ - Country Representative of IBSSA for BELGIUM has recently informed the IBSSA Headquarters about their current activities and great success in the country.

Our Representatives - Mr. Samuel GAUTIER and Mr. Krisztian ZERKOWITZ - were on the Belgian television on Monday (14th December 2009) for an intervention during the Madonna concert at the Werchter concert during the 2009 Summer Festival.

2 days later an article was also published about them in the biggest Dutch speaking newspaper. (Newspaper article)

Please see the link below for the video:

"We do what we train and we train for what we do"

This video gives you an idea of what IBSSA Belgium does, and what they can train you to do: