Report about a special training, VIP evacuation with helicopter on the 16th April 2011, Riga – LATVIA

The Latvian official IBSSA training centre – Bodyguard school SECURITYTRAINING.LV organised a Special Training – VIP evacuation with helicopter – on the 16th April 2011. The training contained much theoretical information about flight safety rules, use of a helicopter and also VIP person protection. 

Fast boarding of the VIP and quick escaping after landing were also trained for the students.

This “Real flight” was a good adventure and experience for all the participants. Everybody had his first journey with helicopter and got really good emotions, and filled up the knowledge for VIP protection.

This training might be interesting for customers from EU, for Afghanistan and Iraq missions, where helicopters are used extremely often. 

SECURITYTRAINING.LV would like to express its gratitude to the partner company – BALTIJAS HELIKOPTERS ( and personally to Mr. Aldis Pauga for the high professionalism, kind assistance and precious supporting of this training.