MINUTES of the XXII. IBSSA Congress and the 7th “Partnership for Security” International Conference

On the 3rd November 2019, celebrating its 25th Anniversary, the IBSSA held its XXII. Congress, together with the 7th “Partnership for Security” International Joint Conference of IBSSA – IAPA (International Auxiliary Police Association) – IPA (International Police Association) and the Award Ceremony at the Exhibition Hall of the prestigious Grand Hotel Excelsior in Valletta, Malta with the participation of appr. 120 members from 5 continents, representing 40 international organisations, and, for the first time, delegations from numerous African countries.

On this occasion, prior to the jubilee event, Prof. George POPPER (Hungary), President of IBSSA was received by H.E. Dr. Joseph MUSCAT, Prime Minister of the Republic of Malta.

Session 1 – the XXII. Congress of IBSSA

At 9.00 am Mr. Jason PISANI (Malta) – Country Representative of IBSSA, Chief of the Maltese Organising Committee welcomed all delegates, representatives of our association, wholeheartedly greeted the present honorary guests, and officially opened the IBSSA Congress.
After the opening the Congress unanimously adopted the following proposals:
Chairman of the Congress: Prof. George POPPER (Hungary)
Keeper of the Minutes: Ms. Erika MACSÁRI (Hungary)
Attesters of the Minutes: Mr. Branislav JOVCHEVSKI (Macedonia),
Dr. András NIKLÓS (Hungary)

After the welcoming and the administrative formalities, Prof. George POPPER – as Chairman of the Congress – greeted all participants and expressed his thanks to everyone for their continuous support and attendance at this significant jubilee event, with special thanks to the organisers for the great help and professional assistance, as well as to the Sponsors for all kind of cooperation. Prof. Popper reported shortly about the Congress itself, that the first part would be an internal meeting, while the Conference afterwards is open for all guests, associated organisations, partners, observers and the press.

Then the IBSSA President gave a detailed report on the 25 years’ activities of our organization from the very beginning, highlighting the following main topics about the significant events, results and successes IBSSA has reached since its establishment:
- Founding IBSSA for the private security sphere
- UN recognition
- “Partnership for Security” program
- Newly elected leadership in 2018 in Israel
- Leading role in Counter-terrorism
- Fight against Modern Slavery
- Anti-Human Trafficking Project (AHTP) in 27 countries
- Order of Security – new system of professional recognition
- Orphans for Animal Rescue project
- IBSSA qualification accepted worldwide
- Well-known and recognised instructors
- our Master Teachers play an important role in teaching not only private security experts but also law enforcement agencies
- significant results and governmental, police recognition in Mexico

Prof. Popper informed the participants that all congress related materials, significant documents and previous reports on IBSSA were uploaded to our Website: www.ibssa.org and distributed worldwide through our official magazines and other channels, therefore there is no need for long reports during the Congress.
(President’s Report is enclosed – ANNEX 1)

When all other reports and comments were finished, Prof. George POPPER officially closed the Congress and informed all attendees about the forthcoming program, which would start at 11.00 am, after the 30 minutes’ coffee break.

 * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * 

Session 2 – the 7th “Partnership for Security” International Joint Conference

At 11.00 am – after the XXII. Congress of the IBSSA and a short coffee break – the 7th “Partnership for Security” International Joint Conference of IBSSA – IAPA – IPA together with the Award Ceremony took place in the Exhibition Hall of Grand Hotel Excelsior. Since many delegations and representatives arrived also to the XXII. IBSSA Congress the International Conference had a wide international attendance, too.

It was a great honour that the jubilee event of the private security sphere was opened by Hon. Dr. Michael FARRUGIA MD, Minister for Home Affairs and National Security of Malta, who gave a momentous professional presentation on Malta’s security situation and challenges. After the speech, Dr. Zoltán Hossó, President of IAPA handed over a Gold Diploma, and the IBSSA President presented a special award to the Minister for Home Affairs.

Prof. George POPPER – President of IBSSA welcomed all delegates, representatives of the different international associations and law enforcement agencies, and wholeheartedly greeted the present VIP guests, who accepted the invitation and honoured our event with their participation. He highlighted the importance of the partnership between the police and the auxiliary services, and informed the delegates that the topic this year is about “Introduction of the Partner Organisations”.

The President of IBSSA announced that high-ranking leaders and IBSSA representatives, officials – who could not be present – were sending greetings and reports for the event, such as:
Mr. Jovan KOVACIC (Serbia) – President of East West Bridge (EWB)
• Mr. Karl DELAGUERRA (USA) – Chairman of the Board, Intl. Coordinator for North America
• Mr. Ivan IVANOVICH (Mexico) – Country Representative for Mexico
Mr. Ronan CHATELLIER (France) – Country Representative for France
The Greeting letters can be read by clicking on the names above ... 

After the welcoming Prof. George POPPER summarized the happenings of the morning event, and reported briefly on the 25 years’ activities of IBSSA, and on the forthcoming official programs.

The Conference participants listened the presentations and briefings of the following officials:

Dr. Zoltán HOSSÓ (Hungary) – President of IAPA
- Information on the IAPA and its activities

H.E. Senator Prof. Wolfgang STEINHARDT (Austria) – President of CSLI – Lazarus Union
- Introducing CSLI

Dr. Nuno COSMELLI (Angola) – Country Representative of IBSSA for Angola, air ambulance doctor
- Tactical combat casualty emergency care in the 21st century for Bodyguards and Police

Mr. István MACSÁRI (Hungary) – Aviation security expert, teacher, National Auditor
- AVSEC benefits for other security areas – how can they be integrated into other areas?

Mr. Zeljko GAJIC (Serbia) – Director for European Operations of IBSSA AHTB
- Information on the IBSSA Anti-Human Trafficking Project activities

Mr. Branislav JOVCHEVSKI (Macedonia) – Member of the Executive Body of the IBSSA EQ Department
- Educational system of IBSSA, Worldwide qualification

Mr. Dusko DJURIC (Serbia) – International Coordinator of the “Partnership for Security” Project of IBSSA-IAPA-IPA
- Future plans

After the official reports and presentations, it was announced that the XXIII. IBSSA Congress, the 8th “Partnership for Security” International Conference with Award Ceremony – together with special trainings and a Partnership for Security Expo – are planned to be organised in September 2020 in Belgrade, Serbia.

 * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * 

Session 3 – the AWARD CEREMONY

After the presentations and briefings, the AWARD CEREMONY of the IBSSA, IAPA, the Order of Security and other partner organisations started.
Prof. George POPPER – President of IBSSA welcomed everybody, and reported shortly about the different decorations, awards and announced officially the new international award system – established for the professionals doing outstanding work in the field of security and law enforcement.

(handed over by Prof. George Popper, President of IBSSA)

IBSSA Membership diploma with ID-card and the official Appointment was presented to the following person:
  • Mr. Florentin TCHAOU (Benin) – Individual Member, Country Representative of IBSSA for Benin

(handed over by Prof. George Popper, President of IBSSA)

Grand Cross Knight of Security
  • Amb. Reinaldo de Sousa VIRIATO (Angola)
  • Hon. Stefan Zrinzo AZZOPARDI (Malta)

Gold Star with Diamonds
  • Mr. Danijel PETROVIC (Serbia)
  • Mr. Miodrag KOCIC (Serbia)


(handed over by Dr. Zoltán Hossó, President)
  • Mr. Norbert ABONYI (Malta) – Gold Diploma
  • Dr. Nuno COSMELLI (Angola) – Gold Diploma
  • Mr. Jason PISANI (Malta) – Gold Diploma
  • Mr. Ádám SCHUMAN (Hungary) – Gold Diploma
  • Mr. Ergys MUHAREMI (Switzerland) – Member
  • Mr. Szilveszter TÁNCZOS (Hungary) – Member

(handed over by Mr. Róbert Bodor, President)
  • Mr. János HÜLBER (Hungary) – Member
  • Mr. Branislav JOVCHEVSKI (Macedonia) – Member
  • Mr. Nico WAERTS (Netherlands) – Member

KMFAP - Sovereign Order of Saint John of Jerusalem, Knights of Malta, Federation of the Autonomous Priories
(handed over by HMEH Prince José Cosmelli, Grand Master and HG Prof. George Popper, Prime Minister)
  • Sir András CZAPÁRY-MARTINCSEVICS (Hungary) – Major General of the Magisterial State Guard 

(handed over by HMEH Prince José Cosmelli, Rector and Lady Anna Popper)
  • Mr. Károly PITLÁK (Hungary) – Ph.D. Honoris Causa

After the award ceremony Prof. George POPPER officially closed the Conference and expressed his special thanks, gratitude and appreciation to the Organising Committee for the great work and hospitality as well as to the supporters and patrons of this significant and extremely successful event.

The traditional Ball of Knights and Bodyguards was the closing event of the celebration, held jointly with the Sovereign Order of Saint John of Jerusalem, Knights of Malta, Federation of the Autonomous Priories (KMFAP) in the beautiful ballroom of Excelsior Hotel.

21st November 2019, Valletta, Malta

Minutes were taken by: Ms. Erika MACSÁRI – Managing Director

Approved by: Prof. George POPPER – President of IBSSA

Certified by: Mr. Branislav JOVCHEVSKI (Macedonia),
Dr. András NIKLÓS (Hungary)